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How do I change my iPhone, iPod or iPad root password ?

This is for jailbroken iOS device only. Users who didn't jailbreak have nothing to worry about since SSH is not installed on their device.

Most of the tutorials tell you to use the mobile terminal app to change the password. It is easier to just SSH to the phone instead.

So first step, ssh to your phone using the standard root password "alpine" (without the quotes).

If you don't know how to ssh to your phone you can follow the instructions from the following wiki post: How do I ssh / sftp to my iPhone, iPod or iPad ?

Then type:

passwd root

You will be asked to enter the new password twice, and won't see the password while typing it but this is totally normal.

It is also recommanded to change the "mobile" user password.

To change the mobile user password just type:

passwd mobile

type the new password twice.